• Royal Hospital | The Biggest Private Referral Hospital – Sharjah, UAE

    Royal Hospital | The Biggest Private Referral Hospital – Sharjah, UAE

    Royal Hospital, a 160 bed multi specialty, state of the art healthcare facility is the region’s biggest private referral hospital offering effective medicare in a professional and caring environment. Top of the line Specialists from premier institutions all over the world have been recruited to provide specialty and super specialty consultations and treatment utilizing the most modern technology available.

    It has been ensured that the Nursing Staff and Technologists are not only highly qualified and experienced in their professional fields but also provide genuine personalized attention with compassion and care. Stringent Infection Control measures and Quality Control programs are being developed to be exercised in order to maintain medicare to the highest of international standards consistent with a centre of healthcare excellence. Arrangements have been made to link up by Telemedicine’ with some of the top brand institutions of Europe and USA in order to provide cross consultations and referrals.

    Along with its specialized medical services, the hospital provides Seven Star stay-in facilities to the patients. The VIP complex has a dedicated entrance and has Four Presidential, Six Royal and Twelve Special suites, each one designed to provide medicare with warmth and comfort in luxurious surroundings. Eight VIP Maternity suites are built just next to the Delivery Complex for High Dependency patients. Besides these 37 Single Occupancy private rooms are available. In order to make specialized healthcare affordable to all stratas of society twin sharing and four in one semi private rooms are also available.

    For the first time in the Gulf, a hospital set up houses self contained Medical Spa offering state of the art complimentary medicine’ specialties.
    It is our endeavour to provide a fusion of a wide spectrum of organizational skills and professional expertise in a coherent and organized facility, where each professional has adequate freedom to practice his skill and compliment the work of others thus providing efficient and effective quality interdisciplinary Healthcare.

    Royal Hospital - Sharjah

    Our Services:

    * Aesthetic Laser Clinic
    * Asthma and Allergy Clinic
    * Aviation Medicines Clinic
    * Backache Clinic
    * Bariatric Surgery Clinic
    * Breast and Cervical Examination Clinic
    * Burns Clinic
    * Diabetic Clinic
    * Endovascular Surgery Clinic
    * Fertility Clinic
    * Geriatric Clinic
    * Hair Restoration Clinic
    * Hand Surgery Clinic
    * Hematology and Medical Oncology Clinic
    * Hypertension and Kidney Diseases Clinic
    * Joint Replacement Clinic
    * Lasik Surgery Clinic
    * Liposuction and Body Contouring Clinic
    * Nutrition Therapy
    * Occupational Health Clinic
    * Organt Transplant Clinic
    * Pain Management Clinic
    * Rheumatology Clinic
    * Sleep Disorder and Apnoea Clinic
    * Sports Medicine Clinic
    * Vascular Surgery Clinic
    * Women’s Health Clinic

    The Biggest Private Referral Hospital - Sharjah

    Royal Hospital

    Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
    Tel: (971) 6-5452222
    Fax: (971) 6-5452200