• Rona Cargo | Professional in The Freight Forwarding Industry – Dubai, Al Ain & Sharjah, UAE

    Rona Cargo | Professional in The Freight Forwarding Industry – Dubai, Al Ain & Sharjah, UAE

    Rona Cargo was founded in the year 1995. Our founder and present director Mr. K.V.Prabhakaran, a visionary dedicated professional in the freight forwarding industry who had been into this industry more than 35 years, with a bunch of experienced professionals with more than 2 years experience in the local and international market, the firm grown as one of the largest personal effects handlers in the country. Soon after the firm was established in all the emirates, it got diversified from one service to the another.

    Break bulk movements, Ship chartering, Offshore support services, Oil and gas Industry logistics, Material management to the rigs, Supply chain management, E-clearance and then to Courier Services, which makes the firm an all rounder in the industry. Starting its first office in Sharjah, it now has a good network of agent offices worldwide with own offices in United Arab Emirates-Sharjah, Dubai, Al Ain, Ras al khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Um al Quwain, Doha, Qatar, Kochi, Mumbai Trivandrum, Delhi, Calicut-India.

    Now, Rona Cargo has the facility to handle all its divisions, with about 100+ professionals in the business. Rona Cargo warehouse which comprises of 100,000 sqft area with 14 staffs all around the clock is capable of handling more than 100MT of cargo a day.

    At Rona Cargo, we are committed to provide Health Safety & Environmental policies and are viewed and respected in our entire business activities. Our objective is to achieve the goal in a safe and healthy working atmosphere which makes the future prosperity of the RONA that comply with all contractual conditions, specified requirements and actual customer needs.

    Rona Cargo - Dubai, Al Ain & Sharjah

    Rona Cargo

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