• Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) | Well-Experienced Engineers & Professionals in The Cable Industry – Sharjah, UAE

    Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) | Well-Experienced Engineers & Professionals in The Cable Industry – Sharjah, UAE

    OCI has established in-house norms and procedures to ensure that customers’ customised needs are met quickly, efficiently and with the assurance of lasting product quality. OCI attaches paramount importance to the satisfaction and well being of its customers and stakeholders. Every process in the company has been designed with the customer as the primary focus so as to add value in the transaction.

    OCI has a dedicated Customer Service & Support Department at Rusayl. The department comprises of highly qualified and well-experienced engineers and professionals in the cable industry who provide technical expertise, consultancy and logistic support to clients as well as respond promptly to customer queries. At OCI, customer service is a way of life.

    OCI has offices in Sharjah, UAE and Doha, Qatar & Saudi Arabia and an International Office in The Netherlands to give marketing and technical support to its distributors and ‘End-Use’ customers in the region. OCI also leverages its full fledged distribution network in GCC for supplying OCI products to customers with minimal delivery time.

    Our Vision – We at OCI ensure that through our product offering, we remain the leader in our industry in quality and performance, exceeding the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

    Our Mission –
    We continuously strive for excellence in all aspects of our business through the integration of sustainable business development and innovation, enhancing shareholder value and outstanding customer service.

    Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) - Sharjah

    Our Products:

    * PVC & LSF Building Wires & Cables
    * Low Voltage Power & Control Cables
    * Medium Voltage Cables
    * Overhead Line Conductor
    * Lead Sheathed Medium Voltage
    * Lead Sheathed Low Voltage

    Well-Experienced Engineers & Professionals in The Cable Industry - Sharjah

    Oman Cables Industry (SAOG)

    Flat 1201, Crystal Plaza (Office Tower),
    Buheira Corniche, Sharjah, UAE
    Tel: +9716 5448445
    Fax: +9716 5447901