• Oasis Hospital | Men, Women & Children Health Care Services – Al Ain, UAE

    Oasis Hospital | Men, Women & Children Health Care Services – Al Ain, UAE

    Oasis Hospital has been serving the residents of the Eastern Region and beyond since 1960 at the invitation of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Our shared beliefs and values carry this tradition forward for generations to come.

    We are honored to have you visit our home, the birthplace of professional healthcare in the Abu Dhabi Emirate and the surrounding region of Oman. The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan wished for every citizen to experience compassionate, professional healthcare that respects the culture and traditions of this region.

    Oasis Hospital has been a source of modern medical care, support and friendship to the people of the Al Ain area since 1960. Our services are guided by the highest standards of the UAE and International hospital accreditation. Oasis has long been well-known as the birthplace of a nation, reflecting the hospital’s reputation for first-class maternity and newborn infant care. Our services have consistently grown and expanded, and we now provide first-class medical care for the women, children and men of the city of Al Ain and the surrounding region.

    Oasis Hospital employs highly qualified doctors, nurses and staff from more than 30 countries. In 2007, we became the first non-government hospital in the emirate of Abu Dhabi to receive Joint Commission International Accreditation, a mark of top medical quality recognized around the world and were re-accredited in June of 2010. We are a CURE International hospital. CURE is dedicated to providing healing for children and families around the world.

    Oasis Hospital - Al Ain

    Our Services:

    * Anesthesiology
    * Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic
    * Eye Clinic
    * General Surgery
    * Laboratory
    * Pediatrics
    * Pharmacy
    * Physiotherapy
    * Radiology/Imaging Center
    * Urgent Care Clinic
    * Urology
    * Insurance Services

    Men, Women & Children Health Care Services - Al Ain

    Men, Women & Children Health Care Services- Al Ain

    Oasis Hospital

    Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.
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    Fax: +971 3 722 2007