• Nextera | Information Technology & Other Services – Dubai, UAE

    Nextera | Information Technology & Other Services – Dubai, UAE

    NextEra are a UAE firm of experienced and senior advisors for both government and private sector. Innovative solutions that create sustainable value.

    Sustainable value is created by:
    * strategic business development
    * having the right strategy, direction, policies and priorities
    * focusing all the business resources to deliver
    * building capability and capacity
    * managing risk

    The Nextera team will be
    An experienced partner.
    Share your journey to excellence.
    Provide sound and informed advice along the way.
    But more important is the attitude Nextera brings.

    Innovate and challenge
    Cause a fundamental shift in perceptions, attitudes, methods of work and performance.
    Bring you ‘head and shoulders’ out of the pack.
    Turn you in to a performance leader and not just a follower.

    We value innovation and wisdom
    Committed to providing internationally renowned experts.
    People who have the deep experience.
    Bring wisdom to our solutions.


    Dubai +971 50 661 4045
    Abu Dhabi +971 50 823 9283

    Email: admin@nextera-global.com