• Kebab Bistro | Vegetarian & non-vegetarian – Dubai, UAE

    Kebab Bistro | Vegetarian & non-vegetarian – Dubai, UAE

    The city of Dubai has a wide range of restaurants to offer; Kebab Bistro Restaurant LLC is one amongst them. Like other ethnic foods brought by travelers, the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine in many countries around the globe.

    Kebab Bistro is a specialty Kebab restaurant representing the cuisine that symbolises and traces the journey of Khans from Persia to the Deccan Plateau and presents a collage of the variations of the kebab across this region.

    Kebab Bistro is just the perfect place to have a lunch or dinner. Our gourmet menu offers you a selection of the Chaat Corner, Bistro BBQ, Bistro Curries, Tandoor Dishes, Bistro Rolls, and Thirst Quenchers. The dishes are prepared, keeping in mind the changing lifestyles and customer preferences.

    Our staffs are well versed with the industry norms. They are professionally trained with many years of experience and excel in providing a customised service. We earnestly hope that you will honor us with your presence and we assure that you will savour and enjoy our courteous and warm hospitality.

    We look forward to being of service to you!

    Kebab Bistro - Dubai

    Choice of non-vegetarian kebab wraps:

    Fish seekh kebab
    Chicken seekh kebab
    Chicken malai seekh kebab
    Chicken malai boti
    Bistro green chicken boti
    Chicken bihari boti
    Mutton seekh kebab
    Mutton malai seekh kebab
    Mutton bihari kebab
    Fish tikka green masala boneless
    Fish tikka boneless

    Choice of vegetarian kebab wraps:

    Vegetarian seekh kebab
    Paneer tikka
    Aloo masala

    Vegetarian & non-vegetarian - Dubai

    Kebab Bistro

    Al Wasl Plaza,
    Off Al Wasl Road,
    Jumeirah 1, Dubai
    Tel: 04 3493936

    Weekdays: 12 noon to 12:00 am
    Weekends: 12 noon to 1:00 am