• Festival Promenade DSF Events | The Promenade, Dubai Festival City, Dubai | January 3 – February 3, 2013 | Dubai Events: Entertainment, Family & Children

    Event Name: Festival Promenade DSF Events
    Event Category: Entertainment, Family & Children
    Date: January 3 – February 3, 2013
    Venue: The Promenade, Dubai Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


    A recent addition to the list of DSF venues, the Festival Promenade at the Dubai Festival City Mall is an open air area on the banks of the Dubai Creek, adjacent to the mall and luxury hotels near the Al Badiya Golf Club area.

    DSF Fun Fair – 4pm – 10pm (Saturday – Wednesday), 4pm – midnight (Thursday & Friday) Taking place on all 32 days of DSF 2013 at Festival Promenade, the DSF Fun Fait will lend the ultimate carnival atmosphere to the celebration of “”Dubai at Its Best”. With merry-go-rounds, bucking horses, ferris wheels, Dodgem cars and other such rides and activities, accompanied by kiosks selling delicious snacks and enticing souvenirs, the Festival Promenade will come alive every evening with the laughter of thrilled visitors. Roaming street performers, games and prize-winning contests will further add to the festivities.

    Bedouin Lifestyle Camp – 4pm – 10pm (Saturday – Wednesday), 4pm – midnight (Thursday & Friday) The Camp will provide an authentic experience of Bedouin desert life in Yemen, Jordan, Mauritania, Algeria and Morocco, as well as the hosts UAE. Also represented will be Ethiopia, Kenya and India – countries surrounding the Arab region that also have desert nomadic groups. It will have markets selling traditional Bedouin goods and handicrafts, and play areas for children. Folklore shows will also be hosted every day at a stage situated in the centre of the encampment.

    Festival Promenade DSF Events - Dubai

    Circus Tent – 6:30pm, 9:30pm

    Ticket price: AED 50, AED 75, AED 100

    DSF Roaming Performers
    Roaming across the Festival Promenade

    International Dance Shows

    Festival Promenade DSF Events

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